Horizons Magazine

Horizons is the monthly magazine published by St Mary’s for the whole community of the parish of Weston Turville.  It is not a traditional church magazine in that it combines local articles, news, notices of events, adverts and items to appeal to everyone, whether they are connected to St Mary’s or not.  The aim is to inform, support, and entertain all our readers.

People who read Horizons feel better informed about what’s going on in and around the parish.   It’s a regular, in-depth link to village events and ideas.  So, Horizons adds to the good things you are already discovering on this website.Here is an example of a typical page

Other things you will see in a typical edition are a  ‘Thought for the month’ from one of our ministers, adverts for a wide range of local goods and services, village stories of interest, forthcoming local club events, and more

Horizons is available 12 times a year delivered to your door by a team of volunteer distributors.

The discounted annual subscription for 2019 is £6, or pro-rata for part of a year.  So, you can get your monthly good local read delivered to your door for less than the cost of a second-class stamp! With an average 36 pages of content each month, Horizons offers good value in the locality. 

To become a subscriber or if you have any questions about Horizons, please email Margaret Tattersall secretary@stmaryswt.org.  If you have any ideas for articles, please email the Editors at horizonseditors@stmaryswt.org

We hope you will enjoy Horizons.