Children's activities

Children are an important part of the St Mary’s family.  So as well as welcoming families with babies, toddlers and older children at Sunday morning services, we offer three regular activities designed specifically for children themselves.


Explorers 'Explorers' is a club for children aged 7-11+ held at St. Mary's Church. We 'explore' Bible stories through games, puzzles, craft and storytelling.

It takes place weekly on Wednesdays in term time. The children arrive from 3.30 p.m. and finish at 4.30 p.m. with candle prayers around the altar. Explorers pride themselves on their kindness to each other and they are a happy band!

As this is straight from school for most of the children, we begin with some drinks and snacks. Please let Revd Susan know if your child has any special dietary requirements and she will see what can be done.

If you are interested and want further information, please contact Revd Susan Fellows (see below), or just turn up on the day!



Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August


JIGSAW is a summer holiday club held in Weston Turville CE School. We are so grateful to the Head Teacher and staff for lending us the facilities and supporting us.

JIGSAW runs for one week in the first week of the summer holidays for children from Reception to year 6. Jigsaw is packed with activities, fun and laughter and is thoroughly enjoyed by the children and the volunteers. It is a very happy and relaxed week.

Last year we had to cancel Jigsaw which was such a disappointment to children, families and volunteers.

Thank you to those who have given your thoughts to the planning group this year. As a result, we have added two adjustments to the day which we hope will make it easier for children to come and adults to help.

We are adding a breakfast club and also a crèche.

Our hope is that the breakfast club will make it easier for parents who need to drop their children off on the way to work and the crèche will enable any parent with a young child to volunteer in the main event if they would like to.

A brief outline of the new day will look like this:






Daily briefing for helpers


Children arrive/go to Age Group Bases to register, get badges etc.



Everyone to the Hall


Break – coffee/tea, squash and biscuits


Activities in rotation




Blue             Yellow          Red



Yellow          Red              Blue



Red              Blue              Yellow




After lunch take lunch boxes back to bases




Everyone to the Hall


Back to Bases


HOME Parents collect children, craft work and lunch boxes from their age group bases


All this can only happen if we have plenty of Adult and teenage helpers in the different areas of the club.

Breakfast Club:  2 Adults + 4 teenagers depending on the take up. It might not need so many teenagers


Three Age groups: Red – 9-11’s, Blue – 7-8’s, Yellow – 5-6’s

Three subgroups of 10 children in each age group

5-6’s: 1 adult + 2 Teenagers in each group of 10 each day

7-8’s and 9-11’s:  only need 1 adult and 1 teenager in each group each day, although 2 teenagers are better

Sport:   2 Adults and 4 or 5 teenagers

Craft:  4 Adults and 4 teenagers

Story Time: 1 Adult (or 2) + 2 Teenagers

Stage Presentations: 1 Adult (me) + any who wants to be up there!

Creche: This is for helpers children only. Probably 2 adults and 1 or 2 teenagers. This is likely to be a small group

You can volunteer for the whole week or the day or days that would suit you.

Any DBS checks required can be sorted out by us.

Cost per Child:

  • Breakfast Club £1 per day/£5 for the whole week
  • Jigsaw £4 per day/ £20 for the whole week
  • No child will be turned away due to cost

If you would like to help or want more details, please contact me on 01296 424982 or

We have to finalise this part of JIGSAW as soon as possible because we cannot run it without sufficient adult and teenage helpers. Also, we cannot send out application forms for the children until we know the club can be staffed.

Revd. Susan


Open the Book Open the Book is a Bible storytelling programme specially designed for use in primary schools. Since the autumn of 2013, a group of volunteers from St Mary’s have been going in to Weston Turville CE School to perform these ten-minute themed and dramatised stories in the midweek all-school assembly. It’s interactive, engaging and fun and has proved very popular with both pupils and staff. Every week children participate in the stories and are always very enthusiastic about taking part. Based mainly on the Lion Storyteller Bible, the story adaptations are lively and informative and provide plenty of opportunity for dressing up and prop making. 

We have two teams of adults who alternate on a fortnightly basis, taking it in turns to play the parts, to narrate and to lead the introduction, conclusion and time for reflection. The materials are organised around a three-year rolling programme with the aim that primary school children will get a chance to hear and take part in the most familiar and well-known stories from both the Old and New Testaments during their time at the school. It provides a wonderful mission opportunity for St Mary’s to strengthen the already strong relations that exist between the church and the school and, above all, it’s great fun. We always come out with a smile on our faces!

For more information, please contact Revd David Wales 01296 613212 or email