Pastoral care



Ill or in hospital?

If you are ill or you know someone from the parish who is ill or in hospital, please let the clergy know and then visits can be arranged if that is what is desired. We like to support both the person who is sick and also their family. We can also add names to our weekly prayer list, but please check with the person first.

Holy Communion and/or anointing are available for anyone who is sick and would like this. It can be comforting to be anointed before facing surgery. It brings comfort and peace.


Communion at residential homes

We hold communion services at Hampden Hall Care Home. Let us know if someone you know is making a move into residential care there, so that we can visit them and help them settle in.


Bereavement support

If someone who is important to you, family or a friend has died and you would like comfort and support please feel free to contact us. The Clergy are available at any time. Do not think you are troubling us, we know too how difficult it is when someone dies.

Please contact the clergy if you or someone you know would like help in any of these ways.