Parish Eucharist
24th July 2022
Good news!
We are now allowed to celebrate the Eucharist in the Church!
As always, we want everyone to be as safe as possible and to feel safe as we worship God. The rules and guidance below explain how we do this.
The two metre rule does apply and the seating arrangements marked out. There are different routes into and out of the church.
The only way this will work will be for all of us to be patient and caring, following instructions and doing this without talking too loudly. There will be no singing. It will also help if it does not rain on Sunday mornings!
Maintaining a physical distance between people will mean we can only accommodate between 10 and 32 in the congregation, depending who comes for a particular service (we want to keep couples and families together). This will mean people will have to book-in for a place.
Clare Chamberlain is our booking secretary.
Please contact Clare on either Telephone: 07596 997339
Some of us attend every Sunday but this may not be possible in the near future as we want to give every one who wants to come to be able to do so at some time. Some of us have a regular Sunday we attend e.g. First Sunday of the month, or every second and fourth week. We will try to make this as fair and inclusive as possible.
The other advantage of a booking system is that we will know who to contact if things change at short notice.
The kitchen area and the vestry will be closed off except for the clergy who will need access to these areas to prepare for and clear up after the service.
If you feel you might need a drink of water during a service please bring your own bottle of water (or whatever).
The port-a-loo toilet will be open. Please would you follow the instructions about how to sanitise the toilet and room after use, so it is available for the next person.
The use of face covering is compulsory (unless Government exceptions apply).
Arriving at the Church.
You’ll have to wait outside at a social distance between each other before been invited into the church through the door we usually use.
For users of the NHS Track and Trace App. the NHS QR Code is on the noticeboard (right hand side as you enter).
Upon entry you’ll have to sanitise your hands, confirm your name(s) to the sides person on duty (this is for the purposes of the governments Track and Trace system and the record of a particular service will be destroyed after about three weeks if it’s not needed). This applies even if you have used the NHS Covid-19 App.. Please then proceed to the pew/seat you are guided to, so that everyone can enter safely and a in a distanced manner.
The clergy will bring Communion to you. Present restrictions means you will receive the Body of Christ but not the chalice (the Blood of Christ).
There will not be any hymn singing during the service but Susan will be playing the organ/piano/CDs before, after and during the service.
Once the service has ended please leave through the Tower Door as directed and in a seemly fashion. Instructions will be given at the time.
Please, if you are :-
unwell, please stay at home and take care of yourself 

isolating, are or member of your family/household/bubble is please stay at home and take care of yourself
vulnerable, please think and pray hard about how you feel about 
coming to church at this time. 

If your gut feeling is ‘it’s not the time for you’, that is fine.

As always Susan and I are here for you. If you need to chat, have concerns or would like us to pray for you please contact one of us.

Telephone: 01296 613212 

The Rev’d Susan:
Telephone: 01296 424982

Remember you are not alone, God is with us.

Fr. David


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