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Patronal Festival

We celebrate our Patronal Festival on Sunday, 9 September this year.

Our Patron Saint is St. Mary the Virgin, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary is kept on 8 September each year and we celebrate our Festival on the Sunday following.

So, we will gather, as is usual on a Sunday, to celebrate God’s love for all, the Birth of Mary and all that has been, is and will be lived here in this Parish.

Let’s do it a bit differently this year.  How about we all dress up for the occasion?  If we were going to attend someone’s birthday we might want to dress for the occasion.  So, let’s do that!  Dress your best, whatever that might be!

Of course, if you dress casual that’s fine too; just come along and enjoy. See you then!


What on Earth is Christian Spirituality?

If you would like to explore this question please join me for, a talk, discussion and hopefully some answers.

I will be running two identical sessions: -

Tuesday, 25 September at 7:30 pm in the Church and Saturday, 29 September at 10:00 am in the Church

Both will have the same content but I hope that by running the same talk on a Tuesday evening and a Saturday morning you will be able to choose the time best suited to you.  Each session will last about one and a half hours.

Please just turn up.  No need to book.

Fr. David