Who's who





Here are our details and how to contact us: telephone STD code is 01296 unless shown otherwise

Post Name Tel Number Email address
Rector Revd David Wales 613212 d.wales512@btinternet.com
Assistant Priest Revd Susan Fellows 424982 susan.sefellows@btinternet.com
Churchwarden Mary Gooderham 624565 mary.gooderham@ntlworld.com
Churchwarden Roger Fellows 424982 roger@rwfellows.co.uk
Secretary to PCC Margaret Tattersall 612613 secretary@stmaryswt.org
Treasurer Robert Ward 613072 treasurer@stmaryswt.org
Organist and Director of Music Revd Susan Fellows 424982 music@stmaryswt.org
Sacristan Liz Arnold   info@stmaryswt.org
Head Sidesman Margaret Undery   info@stmaryswt.org
Head Server John Knox   info@stmaryswt.org
Captain of Bells Brian Robson 432197 bells@stmaryswt.org
Church Flowers Jan Potter 580686 info@stmaryswt.org
Explorers Revd Susan Fellows 424982 susan.sefellows@btinternet.com
Footsteppers Rev'd David Wales 613212 footsteppers@stmaryswt.org
Safeguarding Officer     safeguarding@stmaryswt.org
SWIFT Project Roger Fellows 424982 roger@rwfellows.co.uk
FUNdraising Roger Fellows 424982 roger@rwfellows.co.uk
Bible Study and house groups Ministry Team see above study@stmaryswt.org
Horizons Magazine Editor Chris Webbley 613710 horizonseditors@stmaryswt.org